Saturday, November 1, 2008

People's Referendum 2008

As an American, I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay silent about what has happened to us as a country and the deafening silence that seems to prevail. If Obama is elected as president, he should adopt something similar to the model below to restore our country to its rightful place in the world.

People’s Referendum 2008

To restore the full meaning of our Constitution to its intended direction that defines us as a Democracy. To absolve that never again to allow a person or persons to sway us away from the doctrines of our Constitution and any attempt to do so will result in Impeachment. Those convicted by a bi-partisan majority will be branded as traitors. All powers bestowed upon the presidency will be immediately recinded. No presidential signing statements will be implemented if the present administration is found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. All access to such rights will be immediately rescinded. Prosecution can come even after the current administration’s tenure has expired before the proper protocol is taken to insure that the law is followed.

To absolve that all laws passed as a result of 9-11 will be reviewed and rescinded if there is a direct conflict with the Constitutional rights of each person. The Patriot Act should be suspended and rescinded since its creation was based on a conspiracy to incite fear in the American people for the express purpose of changing our country’s legacy. Its creation based on criminal fabrication on behalf of President Bush which has been determined to be false. It needs to be suspended immediately and any Constitutional rights that has been compromised or signed away will be immediately restored.

To absolve that the 9-11 investigation be re-opened and the truth told to the American people about why and who was behind its implementation and to expose all who were involved in its implementation and the prosecution of all co-conspirators. Those found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and also found guilty of committing treasonous acts against the American people by a bi-partisan majority will be branded as traitors and properly sentenced. Punishment will be decided if the person or persons is found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and committing traitorous act. Such laws reserved for traitors will be considered and punishment will be implemented as required.

The above is just a model if we ever get to the point when the truth is perceived as one way to give the American people back their power and to restore the Constitution to its original status.

Please be clear that I for one only seek out the truth and if anyone else wants to do the same, you can start with the link below and draw your own conclusions.

9/11 Inside Job - The Most Damning Evidence Yet

Republicans missed the boat, yes or no?

Its really have become disgusting to continue to hear the Republicans used the Iraq War as a campaign talking point. They need to be reminded that Bush lied to the whole country on the reasons why we invaded Iraq. This means that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people with this lie. The Republicans Party could have saved itself by acknowledging that Bush lied and taken the appropriate steps to impeach him. Instead they and Nancy Pelosi have decided to ignore this critical issue and table the resolution. In my opinion, Dennis Kucinich is a hero because he is the only one that seems to have the guts to do the right thing. He should be given the Medal of Valor for his efforts. The Republican Party would have faired better if it had addressed this issue but historically they will be viewed as the party that failed their duty especially when they went to great lengths to impeach Clinton on an issue that did not cost lives and untold injuries to our military, collateral damage to a country and its citizens and the billions of dollars that still remains unaccounted for by the GAO. If they had stood up for the principles they have preached for since its conception instead of being bushwhacked by a group of extremists, they might have been able to be more credible in this election. Instead they are traitors by deeds. In the primaries, the one candidate that should have stood head and shoulders above the others was ignored because the Republican base does not know that the Constitution is a sacred document and any attempt to alter or diminish its importance to this democracy should be considered a traitorous act. They boast that they are the guardians of this republic but at the end of the day they almost took us to the gates of Fascism. At this post, I am not convinced that we have passed that hurdle. Having a lame duck president who still has the ability to issue signing statements that may affect us as a Democracy just like the Patriot Act has done to stifle our Constitutional rights is one of my main concerns. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way and wonder if anyone else has the courage to speak out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Karl Rove...why is he so untouchable?

Is the U.S. Congress slipping in its responsibility to make Karl Rove appear getting less and less importance? He is appearing all over the country and still he has not been picked up for Contempt of Congress. Regular citizens have tried and failed but at least they have more guts to do what Congress won't do. Making a citizen's arrest which is the right of all citizens have proved to no avail. What is one to do when we as Americans recognize that there are two systems of justice in this country. The Democrats who are supposed to be in control seems to be stymied by any attempt to get him to testify. If an ordinary citizen were to ignore a subpoena to appear, they would be breaking down the door to make sure that you do. When are the Democrats and Republicans going to do the right thing. Does Mr. Rove have a immunity cloak around him that makes him untouchable? He needs to be held accountable for issues that needs to be addressed that may point to the impeachment of the present administration. Is there anyone out there who might have the solution of this very pressing issue?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Civil Liberties threatened still again

In this year of turmoil, scandal and misinformation, I find it very disheartening that our Congress is still passing laws that compromises our Constitutional rights in the name of homeland security. Since 911 the passage of the Patriot Act there have been a steady stream of laws designed to protect us from terrorism but in my opinion, this atmosphere of fear that has been dumped on Americans is nothing but placing more restrictions against us inside this country. Federal agents now have the power to seize laptops, cell phones, PDAs, cameras, video equipment and any device that can record or transmit information at the border. Why did our representative pass this law in lieu of the fact that Americans are getting suspicious of the governments attempt to keep us off balance as it has been since 911. In 2006, the nation spoke and told our representatives that our government was broken and they needed to fix it. Instead, there have been a steady stream of laws designed to make us less safe and more leery of those who are suppose to represent us. The Bush White House even in its lame duck status is going to impact us with more of his BS laws before their tenure is up.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lavena Johnson suicide was not a suicide

Why is this issue being ignored and not investigated. Why is the U.S. Army covering this up. Why hasn't here more public outcry on this heinous crime. How can they come to the conclusion that she committed suicide. What kind of country is this to have allowed this to go unanswered. Those who find out about this incident is outraged to the fact that you have not heard anything from MSM about it. This brings up the question of accountability when it comes to the private contractors. Iraq wants them out of their country because of the numerous attrocities that have been committed on their citizens. But the fact remains that this was a soldier of our military and nothing has been done about the Army's role in this matter.

Monday, July 28, 2008

what is wrong with our legislative process?

After watching the meltdown on Cspan after the vote was taken on the Agriculture bill, I began to wonder if the Republicans are having temper tantrums because of procedures when the vote tally was announced. The speaker pro-temp announced the tally as being the ayes 112 the nayes 112. Shortly thereafter the vote tally changed because both parties had changed their vote. The Majority whip asked if the vote could be vacated at which time the Republicans protested because the vote did not carry the motion which ended with the ayes 212 and the nayes 216. The Republicans protested by loudly voicing their displeasure with the motion not being carried. This went on for about 15-20 minutes until the Majority whip asked to vacate the vote again. The speaker pro-temp asked for a voice vote but so much confusion insued that he announced another electric vote. In response most of the Republicans walked out and did not vote on the measure. I can remember when they were the Majority party and they pretty much conducted business without any regard to what the Minority party objected to. Why is it that they can act like adolescents when they don't get their way and I can only imagine what the atmosphere will be once the impeachment question hits the floor.